Student Athlete Academy

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Our Student-Athlete Academy (SAA) hopes to help international student-athletes and coaches with the entire process of their scholarship search. In general our academy will assist in many ways including:


Know the Rules

We hope to walk you through the key rules every athlete should be aware of before applying to school. Keep in mind there are MANY rules we won’t discuss, as there are so any MOST universities have a special staff member (or members) whose job is to make sure the university is following them. So it is a good idea for you to understand the most general rules.

Completing Yearly Checklists

Every year there are important tasks to be completed to get you one step closer to your dream of being a collegiate athlete. We will provide a checklist that will assist you on the journey. This includes, when to take the SAT/ACT, going to volleyball camps, and even making sure your have the right GPA.

Marketing Yourself

 One of the hardest parts about being an international student-athlete is that American coaches rarely get to see you in action. Very few know you even exist. In fact, even fewer have the budget to scout in other countries.That means you have to market yourself. We will walk you through the process of creating high level videos, great volleyball resumes, the do’s and dont’s of the recruiting process, and great advice from current and past athletes.


 The unique aspect about our academy is we plan to create a platform for our athletes to get support. Have all their questions answered as they work on the process. We plan to have interactive activities throughout the year to keep everyone engaged. Whether it be a workout challenge, blog entries, or workshops. We are here at the Student-Athlete Academy to help you get to the next step.