About the Clinic

Giving Life Options


LAMB Clinic aims to provide proper treatment for all individuals in a  caring environment.


To provide proper medical treatment and options

To provide regular services to neighborhoods

To build a clinic for community use

Program Planning

The goal of the program is to have a set schedule of medical services with a medical staff present regularly to take care of health needs.

Community Analysis

Location: Moores, Clarendon


Needs Assessment

Medical Staff
Medical Staff of specialities will be coming to community for scheduled visits. We are currently working on a schedule for healthcare options. We are also currently in the process of finding a nursing staff and medical volunteers.
Target Health Issues
After meetings and research on the neighborhood the biggest issues that will be targeted are Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol. and Teen Pregnancy. While other issues will be addressed at the clinic our main programs will provide assistance in these health areas. The clinic will provide information to the community and the necessary medications to help with these issues.

Health and Economic Distress Information
The neighborhood is located in the country farm areas of the 3rd world country of Jamaica. The neighborhood is diverse enough to have many families however small enough to have a very close-knit support system amongst one another. The neighborhood is also in very close proximity of other small communities whose children also attend the primary school. The population has been suffering from many health problems ranging from diabetes and cancer all leading to early death or death during to the lack of proper treatment and education on the health problems.
The populations in these communities have a wide range of young children and infants below the age of 18 in addition to elders above the age of 60. Having regular checkups are therefore crucial for these specific age groups to ensure proper health. Other specific groups include pregnant teenagers who require continuous care throughout their pregnancy and post pregnancy to check for complications and proper fetus development.

The neighborhood is particularly vulnerable to more issues because of the lack of finances to truly seek the medical services needed. Most residents of the neighborhood and surrounding communities are farmers, or work and earn just enough to survive and support their families. Any day of missed work or not harvesting their crops could leave them with insufficient funds to send their children to school and support their families. The poverty rate is overwhelming most of the population is below the poverty line. The unemployment rate is very high especially among the young individual either that recently graduated high school or did not proceed to further education beyond primary school. From the figures available at the present time the future looks no better. Much of this unemployment or low wages can be traced to the lack of available employable skills, or a mismatch between the skills of the residents and those required by regional industries.

Beyond the financial issues, the closest medical centre is 20 miles in distance. So driving at minimum 60 mph it would take approximately 20-minutes to reach the closest clinic/hospital. In addition to this distance one must take consideration the conditions of the road. In this small area, the roads are small with many potholes. Trying to dodge these potholes and having to slow down in many circumstances adds at minimum 10 minutes to the drive. If in any form of emergency a 30-minute drive determines life and death.