LAMB Scholarships program has adopted the vision, purpose, and motto of the Original Supernova Star. We aim to prepare children to find jobs, create opportunities, and plan goals in order to achieve a successful future.


· To provide Mentors that will work closely with students throughout the year.
· To provide Scholarships assist with pursuing their goals, which are closely monitored.
· To provide funds to aid in projects, or facilitate other needs of the students and/or the school.
· To provide Volunteer Opportunities for students to make a difference in their community and country in their desired area of interest.
· To provide Job Opportunities/Internships for those children interested in career development.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships that Require Applications

Scholarships that DO NOT Require Applications

Ruth-Ann Schoberg Achievement Scholarship
Dorothy Williams Scholarship
Duhaney-Bell High Achievers Award
Moores Primary Alumni Award
Naima A. Stennett SAT Scholarship

LAMB Literacy & Math Challenge Award
Supernova Stars
Most Improved Award
Big Hearts

Application Process

Step 1

Review Scholarship requirements and decide which scholarships you will apply to.

Step 2

Decide whether to apply online or download forms.

Step 3

Apply Online or submit printed forms by June 1st.