Duhaney-Bell High Achievers Award

The Duhaney-Bell Family believes in excellence in the classroom.  Through LAMB Foundation the Duhaney-Bell family plans to aid in scholarship opportunities. With this desire to assist financially, two awards will be created: The Duhaney-Bell High Achievers Award and the Duhaney-Bell Alumni Award.

The Duhaney-Bell High Achievers Award aims to provide past LAMB Foundation Scholarship winners, or residents of communities in close proximity to Moores, with funding for continuous high school studies.

An annual Award of $10000 JM will be awarded to 3 students currently attending high school in Jamaica.


  • Be a past recipient of LAMB Foundation Scholarships in the past OR Be a current resident living between the districts of Rock River and Palmers Cross.
  • Must provide high school transcripts (including exam scores if taken)

Disbursing Funds

  • School Related Activities Only
  • Must go directly to a school account
  • Must be a money order to the school
  • Must be a book purchase in which the book will be presented to the student.
  • School Uniforms
  • School Supplies will be provided (Unless specified by the school)


  • If the student stops attending high school for a legitimate reason, which will be determined by the scholarship committee, they forfeit the remaining balance of the scholarship unless they return to school within 1 year.
  • If the student is known to use the money for reasons other than school-related needs the remaining balance of the scholarship will be forfeited.

Students Application:

·       Completed Application
·       2 Teacher Recommendation Letters
·       High School Official Transcript
·       1 Handwritten Essay Specific for Duhaney High Achievers/Alumni Award

Future Eligibility Scholarship
Recipients of the Duhaney-Bell High Achievers Award are eligible for future scholarships for University Education.

The final decision of the selected students will be done by the Scholarship Committee.
Applications must be submitted on or before June 1 of every year. Awards will be presented at graduation


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