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LAMB Foundation started in December 2008. The Founder, a born and raised Jamaican native of Moores, Clarendon, had firsthand knowledge and experience of the struggles and hardships faced within the community, specifically with access to funds for education and healthcare. LAMB Foundation is invested on bridging the gaps for these areas as well as providing student-athletes in developing countries training and scholarship opportunities.

You Can Make a Difference

Here at LAMB Foundation we believe everyone can make a difference. One person has the ability to change what they see around them, many times we just have to believe in the promise of our efforts.

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Meet The Founder

Lecia A.M. Brown

Lecia AM Brown is an alumni student-athlete of the University of Louisville with a Bachelors of Science in biology while playing Division 1 Volleyball. She played professional volleyball and is currently pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience. Although research is her dream and passion she also loves helping others especially those from her homeland of Jamaica. She started the original Supernova program in Jamaica (Dec. 2008) and the umbrella organization of all her philanthropic programs called LAMB Foundation Inc soon after.

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Past Programs

Moores United Football

Original Supernova Stars

Community Football team in Moores, Clarendon.

The SuperNova Program, offered students at Moores Primary School an opportunity to excel beyond the expected curriculum and truly go into their passions by exploring what is going on in the world around them. This program combines training, research and service in the areas of the applicant’s interests whether it be science, history, law, physical education etc. A special emphasis is placed on understanding and addressing how their interests affect their community, country and the world. Furthermore, it is our goal to prepare them for a better chance of accomplishing their desired goals in the near future.