Our Scholarships seek to help young individuals pursue their education. By providing support, opportunities and financial aid we hope to increase the education in rural populations.

Moores Community Center

Create an environment that can offer local townspeople to spend time together while learning or participating in a hobby. Provide many free or nearly free activities, while providing jobs and educational services.

Volleyball Camps

Our LAMB Volleyball program provides the proper equipment and support to individuals or groups for training while showing these athletes the benefits of community involvement and education.

Moores Health Clinic

Our LAMB Clinic hopes to provide local areas for individuals to get healthcare whether it be for the common cold to our special focus on Maternal and Child health.

Since 2008

We have been giving back

LAMB Foundation has a vested interest in providing education and training primarily in the areas of education, health and the sport of volleyball. The hope of this organization is to motivate individuals into excelling by providing them with opportunities for growth and development.

Our Impact

Scholarships per year
Student-Athletes per year

How We Help

Provide Scholarships Money and School Supplies

Provide Volleyball Camps and Donate Volleyball Equipment

Provide Health Services and Medical Attention

Provide Community Services and Job Oppportunities

If you have, then give

Find out how you can get involved with LAMB Foundation. With so much to do with our programs we can definitely find a way for you to help. May you have the time? the money? or the expertise.. well find out if you can help us continue to help others.

How to Get Involved